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Cough & Cold Herbal Tea

Cough & Cold Herbal Tea

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Ilke Herbo has introduced one of the exclusive products been manufactured so far in the market. That’s none another, but Cough & Cold Herbal Tea which is been specifically brought to the audience with specialized and professional service to cure cough and cold. Therefore, this tea is most likely suitable in winters to overcome with unpredictable colds and coughs especially during this season. Thus, Cold & Cough Herbal tea can turn out to be a boon for the consumers with wide advantages, aroma, ingredients usage and flavor under one roof.  

Cold & Cough Herbal Tea is been manufactured in such a way that it falls for all the suitable advantages accompanying the product. They include the following


  • Advantageous for the lungs especially which is ultimately responsible for sufferings such as coughs and cold. Therefore, this tea enhances the resistance of the lungs to defeat innumerable germs and infections.
  • Advantageous to boost up one’s immunity in order to enhance their stamina and caliber.
  • Innumerable vitamins, especially Vitamin C to cure coughs and colds efficiently.
  • Provides relief to the throat during coughs and colds which gets affected badly and accompanies perils in eating, chewing, and swelling.
  • The product is safe to buy, convenient to use, and is been made detailed before the purchase itself.
  • The product is been available at a reasonable and affordable price to make it widely available and usable to fall into the market and touch the trends.
  • This tea is been manufactured with exclusive traditional ingredients (majorly Herbal products) which are pure and ethnic. Perhaps, the ingredients make this tea more beneficial.
  • Overall, Cold & Cough Herbal Tea would never let the consumer to switch to any other alternative once consumed. The tea includes all the traits to let the ultimate cure for coughs and colds.
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Frequently Asked

Question & Answers

Is Herbal Tea recommendable for cough and cold?

Yes, certain Herbal Teas are been specifically manufactured in such a way that it makes them the most suitable and recommendable for the cure of cold and cough. They include the ingredients; Turmeric, Herb leaves, Ginger, Cardamom, Peppermint, Aloe Vera, Dandelion and etc.

Why is this tea recommended for cold and cough?

The root causes of cold and cough are the lungs and pharynx. Therefore, one needs to be cautious enough for curing it judiciously. Perhaps, this Herbal Tea includes least or no chemical compounds which can never affect any organ and is the most suitable cure for cough, cold and soaked throat.  

How much can it be consumed in a day?

This can be taken to around 6g; 3 tea-spoon, a day.

Are there any side effects of this tea for the cure of cold and cough?

Ofcourse not, the tea is been pre-tested with least market products and approximate nature and traditional based herbal products which can never affect one’s diet
and are beneficial for the almost audience. However, certain allergies and body reactions as an exception might influence the usage. Hence, to be prior consulted.

In this arena of modern trends and updatedalternatives, why has Ilke came up with Herbal Tea.

Herb’s advantages have always been top rated and almost nature-based with least or no chemical usage. Therefore, Herb can never compete with the modern trends which have almost or maximum usage of chemicals which aren’t for long term and can affect one’s health. Perhaps, Ilke has manufactured this tea exclusively with Herb to enhance it’s quality and features.

Is Herbal Tea better than Green Tea?

Although, we can’t neglect the features of Green Team. However, Herbal tea is more recommendable and advantageous as it is ultimately linked with the natural products.
Especially, Herbal Leaves and related ingredients been included. Therefore,
Ilke Herbo emphasizes upon Herbal Tea when the concern is to offer life-long product to the consumers.