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Live Long Tea

Live Long Tea

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Ilke Herbo has exclusively manufactured Live Long Herbal Tea to specifically benefit its consumers in their various stages throughout to offer them safer and longer life. This tea is based on natural products, has no chemicals in its usage while prior-tested, and has been manufactured with an additional touch of beneficial ingredients to enhance one’s life by skilled team.

Product’s benefits:

Herbal Live Long Tea has been manufactured by Ilke Herbo with its skilled team while ensuring the quality of life of its consumers. This tea emphasizes assisting people in getting rid of diseases, and pains and maintaining their physical and mental stamina so that, they witness a longer life than been indicated/expected. Therefore, this Tea is only been manufactured with nature-based ingredients such as Herbal Leaves, Ginger, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Garlic, Dandelion, Licorice, Cardamom, Arjuna and etc. Overall, this Tea is been manufactured with such ingredients which are natural, efficient, and effective to maintain the Tea’s quality and productivity. Joint pain, bone weaknesses, and frequent ailments. This Tea would make one’s body tough, strong, and maintained. One would be able to witness a difference after including this Tea in their diet.

Why Purchase This Tea?

Herb can never compete with the modern trends which have almost or maximum usage of chemicals which aren’t for long term and can affect one’s health. Perhaps, Ilke has manufactured this tea exclusively with Herb to enhance its quality and features. Therefore, it’s a ‘must buy’ product and almost ‘nature-based’. After all, most of our consumptions include a maximum or some amount of chemicals. However, this product guarantees to ensure natural and efficient productivity and quality. While for service-related queries; Ilke Herbo would deliver this Tea safely once purchased from them. There would be no compromise in the quality if it’s been preferred. Therefore, this product is been made accessible in such a way that it’s easy to purchase and easy to consume by the people. This Tea has quality features that add taste, aroma, and innumerable benefits to it making it top-rated. This Tea is only been offered by Ilke Herbo hence, is to be purchased. This accompanies a distinct feature of offering a long life to its consumers. This tea can be easily included in the diet easily which would make a difference.

How To Prepare This Tea?

A spoon of tea; 2g can be dipped in around 200 mL of water. However, leaves shouldn’t be put in higher temperatures. Later, within a couple of minutes, it can be consumed. (According to per day schedule)

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Frequently Asked

Question & Answers

Can this tea actually help in living longer?

Yes, ofcourse. Tea’s natural ingredients would ultimately affect one’s body. They would benefit in boosting one’s immunity, getting relief from various pains of joints while ensuring a healthy lifestyle and health. Thus, this tea is beenmanufactured with similar natural products to add quality to it’s features been offered.

Which Herbs help in living longer?

Several Herbs benefit in adding quality to one’s life such as Ginger, Garlic, Tulsi, Turmeric, Cardamom and etc. Thus, all such and many other ingredients/herbs are been used to manufacture this Tea. Therefore, this Tea has additional quality.

Can I drink this Tea during any medication?

Yes, Ilke Herbo recommends to take this Tea anytime as this would never affect the body due to it’s natural nature. However, one can consult the doctor before. Yet, this Tea has no side effect in anyway.

Is there any age restriction in this Tea?

No, as such. Anyone of any age can consume this Tea as this is our been manufactured to benefit one’s body and add quality to their lives while ensuring proper and maintained health. Therefore, this Tea can be taken without any such worry.